If you are able to get the reference to my blog title “Words From The Wise Old Trash Heap”, then you are old enough to have been a fan of Fraggle Rock!

For those that don’t know what the hell that show is, It was a Jim Henson show on HBO with Muppets called Fraggles, Doozers and the Trash Heap. The Trash Heap was my favorite character. She was this pile of garbage, that came to life and helped the Fraggles with their ethical problems.

She was a Hot Mess that gave out great wisdom through  a very poetic, humorous and irony drenched form of  Philosophy! It usually took the poor Fraggles the entire show to understand what the Hell she meant and how it pertained to their particular problems.

I have related to the Trash Heap my whole life, I resemble her in many ways. I look like a hot mess, my life looks like a hot mess and yet I am told that I constantly say little pearls of her type of wisdom. A kind of wisdom that makes you laugh and yet ponder the the logic of it days afterwards. I tend to analyze and cope with my life, my entire world around me actually, through sarcasm and humor. Hopefully with a touch of intelligence that everyone can relate to.

In the past, every time that  I would catch myself dropping one of these little gems of advice on my daughter and eventually her friends too, I would always add “So Says The Wise Old Trash Heap!”